Welcome to Steelbird

The help center section includes technical and non-technical details to better understand how the protocol works and future insights for interface usage.
Work in Progress™
Our documentation is a fast-iterating work in progress. If you have questions or feel like something is missing feel free to ask in our Reddit section or write us at [email protected]

What is Steelbird

Steelbird is an all-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM designed to improve usability, user safety, ROI and fees, driven by AI & ML predictive models. Steelbird aims to be a major player in onboarding the next 1 billion DeFi users.
Steelbird protocol allows users to farm at their convenience manually or autonomously through the Windpools growth engine by taking advantage of the risk engine protection layer in both modes. For a more deep dive into how manual and autonomous farming work we published this article.

Powerful Core

  • On-chain Alerts & Risk Scores: Enables alerts for impermanent loss, rug-pull, asset risk before block finality, and a variety of risk scores for portfolio, assets, protocols.
  • Built-in AMM DEX: First farming aggregator that uses its own AMM for improved liquidity, fees and 40% discounted swap fees when paid with SteelBird Token (SBT). The AMM smart contracts will be deployed on an L2 protocol to reduce fees and improve speed.
  • Singularity Chain: A parachain built on Polkadot Substrate connected to multi-bridges (Polygon Bridge / Binance Bridge), on top of a built-in AMM is designed for seamless token swaps from a chain to another with minimal fees. Includes P2P networking, consensus processes, governance capabilities, EVM implementation, and other features.
  • Multi-chain Wallet: Swap assets between multiple chains and protocols without switching networks. Pay fees with SBT or any other chosen token.