On-chain Alerts

SteelBird brings on-chain alerts as the first farming aggregator which aims to offer an extra layer of security for DeFi users.

Alerts before block finality

SteelBird's alert engine is connected to the blockchain transaction queue system through the RPC interface (mempool) and process each incoming transaction separately to detect risks that may affect the assets owned by a specific user. If a potential risk occurs user A is notified in time to react to the potential risk, before block's finality which takes on average 10-20 seconds. Before going to risk validation, the risk engine will validate the blockchain transaction to see if is valid and not triggered by a bad actor which could lead to synthetic alert notifications. As a fallback option for on-chain alerts, SteelBird adds multi-chain DeFi insurance so the users can opt-in for an extra security add-on.

Protection types

  • Rug-pull
  • Smart contract exploit
  • Impermanent Loss
  • Liquidity dump
  • APY major decrease
  • Asset risk increased