Windpools are defined as Steebird's growth engine where users can stake liquidity and earn SBT
Windpools are using four base smart contracts for higher security and extensibility: Nest, Harvest, Strategy, and Rebalance
Nest contract is where users deposit or claim their assets and where unpaired/unused assets are used for future rebalancing procedures.
Harvest contract is responsible for encapsulating earnings and adds extra functionality for the rewards withdrawal and compound actions.
Strategy contract is connected to an external oracle from where to extract strategies for higher APY. It uses Steelbird risk engine for conservative strategies by allowing a risk score lower than <= 3 (Low -> Medium).
Rebalance contract will rebalance assets every hour. Rebalancing is made based on multiple variables regarding APY, risk factors, or new liquidity available on Nest pool. Windpools are connected directly to the risk engine risk validators, when a potential risk occurs the assets are moved instantly back to Nest for protection & future rebalancing.
Note: Growth Engine will trigger gas war protection when a potential risk occurs to move the transaction to the top of the mining queue.

How it works

Use your offline wallet to deposit assets on any pool by using SteelBird's interface. When a new asset is deposited user will receive a tokenized asset that represents his owned shared percentage of that pool.

Fee Structure

  • No deposit fee
  • 0.5% liquidation fee when deposited assets are claimed by the user
  • 14.5% protocol fee from harvested rewards
  • 86.5% from harvested rewards are sent to Treasury contract and used later to buy-back SBT from open market